Board Position Descriptions

Board Position

Role Responsibilities

IMA Global Liaison

Primary global point of contact for the chapter. Reports any news or requests received from Global to the board. Attends monthly volunteer webinars (or arranges coverage.) Coordinates distribution of CPE certificates with Global. Submits annual election results and transmittal form to Global.


Records and distributes minutes of all chapter meetings. Coordinates revisions and submission to Global of chapter Bylaws. A Meeting Scribe will be appointed as needed in cases where the secretary is unavailable.


Handles the financials for the chapter, including annual Global/IRS filing requirements & monthly reports. Backup is Director of Meetings.

Director of Meetings

Oversees chapter meeting/event planning and execution. Manages meeting subcommittee. Tracks chapter Level of Service and Global chapter competition activities. Backup for treasurer.

Community Service Coordinator

Coordinates community outreach/volunteer opportunities for the chapter

Director of Membership

Promotes IMA and our chapter events to local schools & businesses. Manages membership subcommittee. Reports CPE from chapter events on the Chapter Portal.

CMA Coordinator

Promotes CMA certification to local schools & businesses. Coordinates recognition of new CMAs within the chapter.


Maintains chapter website, coordinates the chapter's online presence

Program Booklet Coordinator

Coordinates publication of the annual program book

Newsletter Coordinator

Coordinates publication of the chapter newsletter and any interim announcements to chapter members

Regional Representative(s)

Provides a path of communication to and from the council

UWO Student Chapter Representative(s)

Provides a path of communication to and from the student chapter

Subcommittee Positions

Role Responsibilities



Meeting Coordinator(s)

Arranges meeting venue and food menus, manages survey distribution, collection, and results, leader of board meeting for meetings they are coordinating

Speaker Coordinator(s)

Arranges meeting speaker, introduces speaker, thanks speaker and presents speaker gift





Membership Outreach Coordinator(s)

Assists Director of Membership with outreach or other specific activities