Meeting Documents

February 2020 Documents
PowerPoint slides from Jason Garland and Larry Ruedinger's Presentation:
Internal Audit - Publicly Traded & Privately Held

October 2018 Documents
From Sheryl Huhn's Presentation:
Take Angela Duckworth's GRIT test:

People don’t “discover” a passion — they “develop” it, according to psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth. And although passions don’t appear overnight, there are some tricks to help you pick a new one or build on existing skills. • Here’s what people are saying.

  • See your passion as an internship — a “trial run” that requires experimenting and practice.
  • Put your phone away: You need distraction-free time to pick or grow a passion.
  • Don’t burn yourself out.  And if you’re in a slump, find a similarly stressed buddy: Counterintuitively, coaching someone else can re-energize you.
  • Try to stay motivated — even passions have their dull moments.
  • Most importantly, be patient. “It’s hard to be in love with something when you’re that clumsy amateur,” says Duckworth. But it’s worth the effort.
Emotional Intelligence
Gender Intelligence
Wrapping it all up

September 2018 Ethics Case Studies

Ace Fertilizer (Colleen's Group)
BBDE Health Center (John's Group)
Raven's Head Ranch (Craig's Group)
Sanchou College (Curt's Group)
Beaumont School District (Patti's Group)
Le Nature's (Mary's Group)
City of Dixie (Jill's Group)